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Shearing Stand Module

Our shearing modules are the result of years of development and fine tuning and working with the industry, they are a market leading product.
There is now no need to build a purpose built shearing shed, due to the price, workability, practicability of the shearing modules. They are a readymade shearing shed fit out.
The shearing modules are a solid welded construction, a single module, standard size is 6mtrs x 2.4mtrs (1 stand) as you need more stands or holding pens etc. you can add another module with just four bolts.
They are built on skids so they can be towed or pushed into position in an existing shed, and can be easily taken out if required.
When using Stockpro’s shearing modules, you can relax knowing that the shearers are working in a modern/up to date, ergonomically designed and safe shearing area.
We can custom build to suit your requirements.

Advantages of the shearing stand module:

  • Raised board
  • Large chute
  • Slide swing gates
  • Tongue and groove flooring on shearing board, grating in pens and laneways
  • Safety railing around shearing board
  • Heavy galvanised frame
  • Oval rail steel in pens
  • Adjustable arms for back supports
  • Count out pens underneath
  • Large shelf for shearers
  • High wall full length of board (sheep can’t see shearers)

Sheep Shearing Module
Sheep Shearing Module


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