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Portable Sheep Yards

Stockpro Portable Sheep Yards give you the flexibility of working with your sheep where ever you need to. Stockpro Portable drafting module and portable panels can be set up in any design to suit your requirements

Never Been Easier !!!

No Wheels to Remove - Draw Bar Just Folds Up Out Of The Way!
Set Up Your Yards in 30 Minutes


  • Heavy Duty Portable Module With 3 Way V Draft
  • V Draft has Curved Entry and Exit for Streamlined Easy Flow
  • 14” Sunraysia Mags
  • Jockey Wheel
  • Front & Rear Gates
  • Spreader Bars, Ratchet Strap and Two Sheeted Panels.
  • Portable sheep panels 1 metre High X 2.9 metres 7 Rails (27OD Pipe)
  • Quick Hitch Coupling System.


  • 300 Head Yard (12 Panels)
  • 750 Head Yard (24 Panels)
  • 1500 Head Yard (30 Panels) Extra Heavy Duty Trailer Module
  • 2000 Head Yard (40 Panels) Dual Axle Trailer Module
  • 2500 Head Yard (54 Panels) Dual Axle Trailer Module

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Custom Made Portable Sheep Yards

  • Custom Made Portable Sheep Yards To Your Requirements
  • Can Be Registered
  • Option Of Single Or Dual Axle
  • Carry Up To 70 Panels!
  • Suitable For Portable; Sheep, Goat, Horse And Cattle Panels/Yards


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